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Rogue One writer teases mysterious Last Starfighter project with new concept art

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Apr 4, 2018

For sci-fi fans of a certain age, The Last Starfighter ranks high on the list of rite-of-passage 1980s touchstones that cement strong, nostalgic memories from one of the genre’s most productive and imaginative eras. That’s why a new, mysterious tweet from a very legitimate creative source has some of us giddy at the prospect of suiting back up with Beta Alex to re-board the Gunstar.

Gary Whitta, one of the screenwriters for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and several other high-profile genre projects, took to Twitter with a batch of super-stylized concept illustrations — including one that prominently features Alex Rogan / Beta Alex’s distinctively shaped Gunstar, the arcade game-based ship he pilots to save the planet of Rylos from the evil Lord Krill.

Whitta teased the “little something” he and co-writer Jonathan Betuel have been cooking up by saying he “probably shouldn’t show you this so early,” before sharing Rogue One concept artist Matt Allsopp’s take on a new look for The Last Starfighter.

As you can see, there’s definitely a sleek, futuristic sheen to the new aesthetic. To leave no doubt about what we’re looking at, Whitta followed his first tweet with a separate, nostalgia-triggering share that’s clearly intended to help fans connect the dots. Then he signed off with “Okay, back to work… might have a bit more for you later :)”

Reading all the fan comments beneath Whitta’s tweets is almost as cool as news of the project itself. We still have no idea what this could be — A movie? A streaming series? — but with the caliber of creative names already being thrown around, we’re pretty certain it has a good shot at being awesome.

It's been 34 years since director Nick Castle brought The Last Starfighter to the screen. Are you on board for a reboot? And if so, does Allsopp’s artistic vision have you excited for where it might lead? Let us know in the comments what a 2018 update for The Last Starfighter should look like, and then take a trip back in time with the original film, which is available now on most streaming platforms.

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