The latest cartoon to become a movie is … Jack Chick's D&D screed?

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Aug 15, 2014, 2:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Do you know what a Chick tract is? If you do, we're sorry, really. If not, let us "edify" you: They're mini comic books that preach a love of the King James version of the Bible and a complete lack of tolerance for Islam, Mormonism, homosexuality and Dungeons & Dragons.

The anti-D&D tract was quite popular during the moral panic that surrounded the game. Obviously some of us never forgot its stilted language and its failure to understand the mechanics of the game—or understand anything, actually. But only producer J.R. Ralls has done anything about it.

Ralls has lovingly crafted this parody of Jack Chick's anti-D&D tract. This film, Dark Dungeons, which is longer than the original but captures the cartoon's ridiculousness, is available online for $5. The first eight minutes are below, awaiting your soon-to-be stupefied eyeballs. Hilarious.

And if you really want to laugh, you can read the original here.

Via io9.