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Latest Deadpool 2 'Super Duper Cut' promo is perfect parody of a Brad Pitt perfume ad

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Aug 7, 2018

The Deadpool 2 marketing team over at 20th Century Fox is continuing to milk the sequel for all it's worth in the best ways possible. Case in point: a brand-new promo for the film's "Super Duper $@%!#& Cut" is a near shot-for-shot parody of a (for lack of a better term) pretentious Chanel No. 5 commercial with Brad Pitt from 2012. 

Filmed entirely in black and white, we find Ryan Reynolds' titular character speaking to the camera in a calm, almost monotone voice. 

"In the beginning, you were nothingness, but then I filled you with adrenaline and laughter...and a growing assortment of third-tier Marvel characters. But suddenly, our time together ended, almost as soon as it began, until it didn't." 

The ad ends with Deadpool struggling to pronounce the word "inevitable," a direct reference to the Chanel commercial that is also in black and white. Watch them both back-to-back below and let us know which one you like better. 

Choosing to make fun of Brad Pitt probably stemmed from the fact that the actor had a super short cameo in Deadpool 2 as the Vanisher, an invisible member of X-Force. He can be viewed for about two seconds after Deadpool, Domino, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, and Peter jump from the plane. The strong winds carry Vanisher right into live telephone wires and electrocuted, causing his transparency to fail and reveal an A-list celebrity. 

"We never saw Vanisher in the original script. He was always a mystery," co-screenwriter Paul Wernick told The Hollywood Reporter. "When he got tangled up...we just thought, 'Oh my god, what a perfect idea for a celebrity cameo.' And then we thought, 'Who is the hardest get in Hollywood? Let's call him.'"

Once they got the go-ahead from Pitt — who had worked with director David Leitch in the past and was originally considered for the role of Cable (Josh Brolin) — the extremely short cameo was shot over the course of two hours in Los Angeles during the movie's post-production. 

The extended cut for Deadpool 2 is now available on digital platforms. Physical Blu-Ray copies go on sale August 21. 

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