Latest Japanese fad: Schoolgirls imitating insane anime fight moves

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Leave it to the clever girls of Japan to bring the coolest parts of Dragon Ball to the real world.

There's a new trend to hit eastern shores that any fan of the seemingless endless cartoon Dragon Ball can appreciate. There's a move from the show called the Kamehameha which you may not recognize by name, but it's basically the hadouken move that Ryu and Ken do in Street Fighter. You just heard them saying hadouken in your head, didn't you? Did you then say it yourself out loud? Good. You're ready then.

Basically these girls have gotten together and snapped photos in a way that makes it seem like they have super saiyan abilities. It's simultaneously funny and awesome at the same time. Check out our gallery below and then hunt around for more.

(via Uproxx)


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