The latest Star Trek Beyond TV spot ruins the big twist, so Simon Pegg recommends avoiding it

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Jul 19, 2016, 5:40 PM EDT

It’s a common complaint for trailers and TV spots to give away too much information, but the latest promo for Star Trek Beyond went a step or two past the line.

Spoilers ahead for Star Trek Beyond, including a major twist that will be revealed!

Still here? Good. All right, as we all know, the latest installment in the modern Star Trek franchise brings the young cast together once again to explore the universe — until they run into an alien baddie played by Idris Elba. But it seems the studio was keen to show off the Elba of it all, so they’ve revealed a major plot twist that Elba wasn’t always so alien-y.

They’re not even subtle about it. You get Uhura saying “It’s him” while cutting away between the footage of Elba and his alien baddie Krall. Which is apparently a major reveal in the film. The movie is apparently still pretty good, regardless, but it's always a shame when marketing ruins a good twist. So, yeah, that one's kinda shot now. Elba is also a reincarnated version of Khan (just kidding).

The reveal is such a critical piece of the story that co-writer and co-star Simon Pegg is actively recommending fans avoid the TV spots or trailers airing pretty much everywhere this week, for fear it'll spoil the story. Which, again, is a shame. When the film's writer has to come out literally warning fans about the trailers, you know things are getting out of hand.

Star Trek Beyond opens this Friday.

Check out the TV spot below and let us know what you think:

(Via io9)