Lather up against the undead with werewolf and vampire repelling soaps

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Feb 27, 2017, 11:32 PM EST (Updated)

Feeling a bit grimy prior to your next encounter with paranormal creatures?

Next time you're out hunting down bloodsuckers and lycanthropes in the neighborhood, try lathering up with this new line of anti-vampire, anti-werewolf and anti-braineaters natural soaps from Pojo's Pure Vermont.  Each supernatural-fighting three-ounce cake cost $10 and is crafted with a unique formula of Holy Water, essential oils and minerals perfect for warding off marauding zombies, hairy transforming beasts and Dracula's legion of fanged faithful.  

Wash up and tell us which of these three cleansing soaps you might find most useful.

PoJo's Pure Vermont Garlic & Holy Water Vampire Repelling Soap contains the same honey and goat milk ingredients as the traditional fragrances, but is specially formulated to repel even the most aggressive vampires.  A potent blend of garlic oil and Holy Water allows you to simply wash away the danger of vampire attacks.  This beautifully packaged soap makes a wonderful gift for those who wish to avoid falling victim to the undead, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee*.  



PoJo's Pure Vermont  Silver & Holy Water Werewolf Repelling Soap contains  colloidal silver, Holy Water, and essential oil of rosemary, a combination that is believed to repel werewolves and many other shape-shifting entities.  Like all PoJo's Pure Vermont products, this luxurious soap also contains pure Vermont honey and creamy goat milk to keep your skin clean and healthy while thwarting the forces of evil!



Zombies.  A nuclear holocaust.  Global warming.  Viral kitten videos... whatever brings the world as we know it to an end, you're undoubtedly going to get dirty.  You'll see things you can't un-see, do things you cannot undo.  You will want to wash up.  Frequently.  That's why you need SOAPOCALYPSE.  PoJo's Pure Vermont honey and goat milk soap with the addition of moisturizing Vitamin E, purifying oil of tea tree, and invigorating oil of peppermint; a powerful combination to keep you clean and feeling fresh enough survive the End Times.

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