Launch into these 37 stunning photos of ILM craftsmen building Star Wars models

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Oct 24, 2014

Here's an amazing armada of Star Wars starships from the heyday of Industrial Light & Magic model-making, showing legendary FX wizards like John Dykstra and Dennis Muren lovingly building X-wings, B-wings, Imperial shuttles, super star destroyers, Imperial transports, TIE interceptors and bloated medical frigates from the original Star Wars trilogy.   Also captured are photos of iconic Star Wars vehicles like Return of the Jedi's zippy speeder bikes and the clunky AT-ST walkers.

The level of heart, detail and time spent crafting these spaceships from cannibalized Monogram, Tamiya and Revell plastic model kits is mind-blowing, rivaling anything put on screen today.

These close-up shots come to us from Reddit's JoinYouInTheSun and are a prime example of the ingenious "kit-bashing" techniques used by the talented ILM team from 1977 to 1983, piecing together salvaged sections, glued turrets and tiny pieces from tanks, submarines, cars, planes and locomotive scale model parts ruthlessly raided out of children's bedrooms, hobby shops, thrift stores and garage sales, all mashed together into Academy Award-winning fine art.  

For the entire fantastic collection of 140 rare Star Wars model photos, head over to Imgur hereHave a look and see if you can recognize anything in the detailed designs.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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