Lawsuit against Star Trek: Axanar still ongoing despite assurances it would be dropped

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Jun 17, 2016, 11:18 AM EDT

Despite assurances to the contrary from J.J. Abrams himself and Paramount acknowledging talks about a settlement, it now looks like the whole Star Trek: Axanar lawsuit saga is far from over.

According to a report over at The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount and CBS told a California federal judge on Wednesday that the legal action against the fan movie remained pending – despite the fact that Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin had seemingly managed to get Paramount to drop the lawsuit against the crowdfunded Star Trek movie. 

J.J. Abrams himself told fans during last month’s fan event there would soon be an announcement about the end of that lawsuit. Here's what the Star Trek helmer and producer said:

“Within the next few weeks it will be announced this is going away and fans will be able to work on their projects.”

And now, despite all of that, the fight over Axanar is far from ended as all parties involved continue to throw court filings at each other. Le sigh.

If you guys will recall, Paramount and CBS filed a copyright infringement lawsuit at the end of 2015 over Axanar, a project that was hyped as a “would-be studio-quality film.” The movie was to be set before Capt. James T. Kirk's and the USS Enterprise's five-year mission, at a time when the studios had previously tolerated and even encouraged fan films over the years.

Since the judge had rejected a motion to dismiss, Axanar Productions had a deadline to file an answer to the claims, and they did so on May 23, also filing a counterclaim asking for declaratory relief that the film was non-infringing. They mentioned J.J. Abrams' comments and a tweeted statement from Paramount and CBS that confirmed talks about settling the case, and that they were working on fan film guidelines.

But instead of asking for an extension, Paramount and CBS have filed their own answer to the counterclaim by fully admitting to those public statements and saying said statements speak for themselves, but they're still acting as though the lawsuit is moving forward. Le sigh, part deux.

This is a huge bummer, especially since fans were assured this lawsuit would go away. What do you guys make of this?

(via THR)