Leaked audition videos for CBS' Supergirl reveal some intriguing spoilers

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Videos of actors who auditioned for roles on CBS’ Supergirl have found their way online, revealing some juicy tidbits about the upcoming superhero TV series.

Be aware that some of the dialogue you guys are about to hear may actually appear on the show, so it could be considered SPOILERS.

In the first three videos, actors are seen auditioning for the role of intrepid Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen, and the scene actually involves Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. She’s asking if Jimmy was scared when he saw Superman using his superpowers. Jimmy recounts how Supes saved a family from a building that was on fire, and that he actually felt “safe” rather than afraid. Could this scene hint that the Man of Steel himself may put in a cameo appearance in the DC-comics-based TV series? (Well, one can still hope.)

Have a look:

Now, the fourth video below has an actress auditioning for the part of Kara/Supergirl, who seems to be working with Jimmy. The audition scene is the same as the Jimmy Olsen one. In the fifth one, the actress is not auditioning for Kara, but rather for the part of her adopted sister, Alexandra “Alex” Danvers. Recent character descriptions describe her as “Kara’s gorgeous, brilliant, science-minded foster sister.” In the video, Alex isn’t too happy with Kara for having used her own Kryptonian superpowers to save people in a train.

If you're interested, there are even more audition videos that can be found over at Spoiler TV, and you can also read the transcripts from the dialogues.

Here’s the gist of CBS’ Supergirl:

Kara at age 12 was sent from her dying home planet of Krypton to Earth, where she was taken in by the Danvers, a foster family who taught her to be careful with her extraordinary powers. After repressing said skills for more than a decade, Kara is forced to bust out her super moves in public during an unexpected disaster. Energized by her heroism for the first time in her life, she begins embracing her abilities in the name of helping the people of her city, earning herself a super moniker along the way.

No actress has actually been chosen for the sought-after role of Kara Danvers yet, although the names of Claire Holt (The Originals) and Gemma Atkinson (Casualty) have been floating around. (Even though it looks like Holt is actually out of the running.)

What do you guys think? Are the audition videos whetting your appetites for CBS' Supergirl? Who would you like to see in the role?

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