Leaked intel reveals the insane, WTF ending being considered for The Stand reboot

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Sep 3, 2014

A big-screen reboot of Stephen King’s ambitious, apocalyptic novel The Stand has been kicking around Hollywood for a while now, but it sounds like they’re eyeing some pretty big changes when it comes to the ending.

The book, which is considered by some to be King’s sci-fi magnum opus, is a dark tale that combines apocalyptic imagery, the supernatural and a ton of out-and-out craziness to create a massive tale that has proven hard as hell to translate into any other medium. A 1994 TV miniseries is the closest anyone has come, but it still left a lot to be desired.

According to Badass Digest, a recent draft of the reboot written by David Kajganich (The Invasion) apparently featured some substantial changes from the original novel. Like, big ol' honkin’ changes. Thankfully, the script is being rewritten by newly hired director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), but we can only hope he sees the finale below is not the way to go:

In this version, from last year, the good guy survivors from Boulder get together in an army and march on Las Vegas to kill Randall Flagg. Flagg's headquarters is, of course, the Luxor Pyramid. The Boulderites invade the city while, off to the east, a squad fights at the Boulder Dam - which Trashcan Man explodes, killing Larry Underwood and sending a deadly flood to Vegas. In the city Flagg squares off against hero Stu Redman... who now has the power of God, and they have an Akira-like battle on the Las Vegas Strip, with Flagg trying to take Stu's magic. 

Cars are thrown, Excalbur's turrets are tossed, the people of Vegas are used by Flagg as disposable cannon-fodder. Meanwhile Nick Andros sacrifices his life taking out a howitzer. The Boulder forces, while armed, try to only take prisoners and rescue people from being under Flagg's evil spell. It all comes down to Flagg and Stu, and whether or not Stu will absorb Flagg's evil magic … And there's a mid-credits tag that sets up a sequel. Yes, a The Stand 2.

Yeah. You read that right. Instead of having (SPOILERS FOR A BOOK THAT CAME OUT IN 1978) Flagg’s “Hand of God” detonate the nuke and basically flatten Las Vegas and everyone in it, this version sets up a brand-new, epic battle climax that makes some major diversions from Stephen King’s original ending.

Plus, a setup for a sequel? Really? There’s more than enough in the book to create a trilogy or two of films in its own right. Just use the awesome story that already exists. It’s just there, waiting. Seriously.

What do you think of the proposed ending? Does it turn King’s epic tale into just another action spectacle, or put a new spin on the genre classic?

(Via Badass Digest)

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