Leaked set pic may reveal first look at Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons

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May 2, 2017, 11:29 AM EDT (Updated)

Filming on Star Trek: Discovery is currently underway and, this being the age of the Internet, it didn't take long before a set pic started to make its merry way online. What's even more exciting about that pic is that this could very well be our first look at the redesigned Klingons. Qapla'!

Snapped by an extra on the Toronto set of the upcoming CBS All Access series, the leaked image appears to reveal the show's new take on the classic Star Trek antagonists. The image was first posted on social media before it was quickly taken down ... but it was too little, too late. Thankfully for us!

As you can see below, the costumes are the same ones that were shown in the Star Trek: Discovery teaser. The most notable new flourish (if these are indeed Klingons) is the skull -- gone is the hair, and instead we get slightly elongated (and very bald) craniums on about half of them (which is -- in Data's immortal words -- intriguing).

As you can see, the ridges are also much more pronounced and go all the way to the back ... so if they really are Klingons, they look much closer to their Star Trek: Into Darkness counterparts than the Klingons we all came to know and love, starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Personally I'm not really a fan of this redesigned look, but that's probably because I liked my Klingons just the way they were. How about you?

(via Trek Movie)