Leaked Star Wars VII concept art could reveal new characters, space ships

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

We don’t know how legit this may or may not be, but rumor has it this is some brand-new concept art from J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Potential spoilers ahead for the new Star Wars films!

One of the remaining mysteries (of many) revolves around Max von Sydow’s (The Exorcist) character, who has yet to be given an actual name or background. Well, some new concept art that has surfaced seems to show his character sporting a nifty robe. Not much more intel character-wise, but at least it's something.

The other two shots show off some new ship designs, which seem vaguely similar to other concept art pics that have leaked out, along with a wide shot of stormtroopers and a very Darth Vader-esque baddie in the shadows. The site posits it could be Kylo Ren, the black-clad character who sported that lightsaber crossguard in the first teaser trailer.

Check out the concept art below and let us know what you think:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18.

(Via Movie Web)