Leaked TMNT script has us feeling a bit better about that reboot

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Dec 17, 2012

A totally radical copy of the Ninja Turtle script just got leaked like some mutagenic ooze. Wait'll you hear, dudes—there's some gnarly stuff in it that's gonna make you go, like, "Holy guacamole!"

Sorry for all the '80s speak. Whenever the Turtles are involved, it becomes very difficult to resist. Listen up, though, because we have got some news that might make you feel less on edge about our heroes in a half shell getting the full reboot.

While full details on the script are still unknown, some serious name-dropping just happened. Those specific names? Bebop and Rocksteady.

Not enough for you? All right, then—how about "Krang" and "the Technodrome"?

That's pretty significant, considering fan concerns that the story is being rewritten completely. Having this growing rogues gallery is, at the very least, a good sign. There's still that troublesome rumored plot summary, though:

"After their planet's destruction, four turtle-like alien warriors and their master come to Earth, where they join forces with reporter April O'Neil to prevent the extradimensional conqueror Krang from enslaving the human race."

This whole alien business is still a major sticking point, and the inclusion of Krang (a bit of an alien himself) may mean it's still farewell mutants, hello E.T.

Here's the thing: Names are nice and the inclusion of these characters is exciting, but the concern remains that everyone might still be changed beyond recognition. Even with Kevin Eastman involved, there are no guarantees.

Still, it's possible that the leaked script is an old one. After all, the release date has changed from December 2013 to May 2014, which gives time for many a (hopefully) well-written redraft.

So how's this for a better summary?

"Four adolescent mutant turtles and their master join forces with reporter, April O'Neil, to prevent the extradimensional conqueror, Krang, from enslaving the human race. Also Shredder is involved somehow and it's #$%!-ing awesome."

That's what we want. What about you?

(/Film via indie wire)

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