Leaked Man of Steel document details changes to Superman's origin

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Dec 16, 2012

Right now, we can pretty much count the things we know about Superman reboot Man of Steel's plot on one hand. We know who the villain is, we know it's an origin story, and we know at least some of it will take place on Krypton. Now a leaked call sheet from the film's Vancouver set is shedding new light on that last bit, including Superman's birth.

The call sheet is dated October 6 of last year and bears the title Autumn Frost (the on-set code name for Man of Steel). It's just a scan of a sheet of paper, and it's not very high-def, but the industrious folks at Comic Book Movie have been able to piece together some of the details after some very close reading of the small print.

Here's what they've deciphered:

Information and image deleted at the request of Warner Bros.

(via Comic Book Movie)