Leaked Man of Steel toy commercials reveal intriguing plot details

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Dec 17, 2012

As hard as a film studio may try to keep details under wraps, there's one avenue they can't control when it comes to leaks—the toy manufacturers. Thanks to the marketing onslaught expected to accompany the upcoming Man of Steel, we now have some precious details about Superman's latest adventure.

So what do we learn? First up, we have more confirmation that classic foe Zod is officially the Big Bad, and that Superman will be battling him and his evil robot army. Plus we get to see some broad design styles (condensed to toy form) to provide some more insight into the film's look.

That's cool and all, but c'mon, does anyone else think these toys are a little ... weak? A Stretch Armstrong ripoff and a flying launcher? Where are our X-ray Superman specs, and the awesome next-gen toys to keep Supes cool for a new generation of kiddos?

But, oh well, I suppose any Superman toy is cooler than no Superman toy.

Check out the rough cut commercials below, and beware of some potential (albeit broad) spoilers about the plot:

What do you think? Do you like where this is heading?

(Via Bleeding Cool)