Learn about characters, time loops, and exo suits with 4 Edge of Tomorrow featurettes

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May 12, 2014, 4:33 PM EDT (Updated)

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt work up an action-hero sweat, and we learn about robot armor and time travel.

Did you think that Edge of Tomorrow seemed like one of those bland, paint-by-numbers sci-fi movies? To be honest, if you did, that would make two of us. But the more I see, the more I remember all the other times Tom Cruise came out with a sci-fi movie I thought would be bad, but then wound up being pretty cool.

Which segues us nicely into these four new featurettes, each placing the focus on a different element of the film. First up is some background on Tom Cruise and his character, Bill Cage.

Despite the occasional reminders that Tom Cruise is probably bananas, it cannot be denied that he acts with every ounce of what he has. Dude is 51 years old and running around in armor that weighs more than I did in middle school. And he makes it look kind of effortless.

Meanwhile there's Emily Blunt, who, believe it or not, is basically playing the tough action hero. She's done some action-related fare, but to be effectively the super soldier everyone looks up to is pretty new, and the next featurette keys into that new experience.

And then there's the Groundhog Day effect the movie uses -- Cruise is repeating the same day of war over and over again, trying to survive the battle and change humanity's fate.

And then there are those heavy exo-suits.

Cruise came in early to help R&D those suits. To repeat -- for funsies, Tom Cruise basically said, "I've got tons of money and time on my hands, think I'll help develop some fictional death armor. NO BIG DEAL."

What's impressive is that it's more just the genuine exuberance and enthusiasm of the whole production that makes this movie seem worth checking out than the trailers themselves. Everyone's into what they're doing and, honestly, it's kind of infectious.

What do you think? Did these make you more likely to check out Edge of Tomorrow too? Or is it just me?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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