Real-world wizarding school wants to make you the next Harry Potter

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

If you're like us, you've wished you could attend Harry Potter's Hogwarts, the school of magic, to learn divination, healing and defense against the dark arts. Potential real-world wizards will be happy to learn that there's an online school that teaches the principles of magic—and classes DO include divination, healing and defense against the dark arts.

This school, the Grey School of Wizardry, accepts students 12 years old and older, and even separates them into virtual "houses" (based on the classical elements, earth, air, water and fire). Classes are inexpensive; students 18 years and older pay $60, plus a level-up fee for each level of accomplishment.

Although the Grey School focuses on many of the traditions of Wicca, the school states that it's not promoting religion:

"It should be understood that the Grey School is a secular institution of learning, not a religious one. Wizardry is not a religion, and Wizards are not religious functionaries or clerics. Wizardry (literally, "wisdom"), like philosophy ("love of wisdom"), science ("knowledge"), medicine, etc. is a calling or vocatoin, but not a profession of faith. Historically, Wizards have been found in all cultures, and all religions. Therefore, although some classes address mythology and comparative religions, the Grimiore, Companion, and school philosophy focus on magick rather than spirituality."

It also focuses on non-scientifically-proven methods. Students of healing learn about herbs, but they also learn "Psychic, Chakra, Auric, Chromatotherapy, Pranic, Distance, Gemstone, and Herbal Healing Modalities."

However, if you're truly interested in learning divination—and not just reading about it in a series of books—you'll be guided by people who genuinely share that interest.

You may even get to meet them in the real world: according to Moviefone, Headmaster Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is actively seeking a campus for his school in Montana.