Learn how Brent Spiner will shake up Season 4 of Warehouse 13

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Dec 17, 2012

Syfy's Warehouse 13 is adding some major sci-fi cred for its upcoming fourth season, as genre stalwart Brent Spiner has signed on for at least six episodes of the hit artifact-hunting series.

Spiner, best known as Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, will play Brother Adrian—leader of a secret sect called the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond.

Warehouse 13 producer Jack Kenny told TV Guide the group will feature heavily into at least some of the new season, as Artie (Saul Rubinek) faces off with the Brotherhood over a dangerous artifact.

"The Brotherhood is descended from the Knights Templar and connected to the Vatican. It is charged with the protection of many powerful artifacts, one of which Artie desperately needs to make everything right again. [But], the use of this object will unleash an incredible evil and Brother Adrian is not about to see that happen. He heads a sect that is powerful and obsessively devoted and follows no rules. The Brotherhood will do anything to achieve its goals. They are gifted fighters who are willing to go to their deaths, if necessary."
Shaking up the supporting cast around core players Rubinek, Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer) and Joanne Kelly (Myka Berring) has worked well in the past, and resulted in the addition of fan favorite team member Allison Scagliotti (Claudia Donovan) not long into the series run.

Season four of Warehouse 13 kicks off July 23.

Do you think Spiner will be a good fit as an antagonist for the agents of Warehouse 13?

(Via TV Guide)