LeBron James makes the most terrifying Pennywise, ever

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Oct 31, 2017, 11:54 AM EDT

LeBron James is a basketball player who has won more awards than a dozen shelves can comfortably hold. And we suspect he’s just a little bit geeky — at least judging by his Halloween costume.

James chose to wear a Pennywise costume for Halloween, as in the murder-clown from Stephen King's IT. For the record, James is 6’8. Imagine that tremendous, hulking evil image bounding toward you, saying “Georgie! Georgie!” We’ll wait right here while you change your underpants.

That’s some sweet costuming right there, down to the cracked makeup that Pennywise had in the film.

So although it’s good to know a superstar like James is just a bit geeky, we know he isn’t a full-on geek. A full-on geek would have scuffed up the pretty suit, to better encapsulate Pennywise’s time in the sewers.

He’ll just have to console himself over his lack of geekiness with basketball prowess and buckets of cash. It's a tough life.

(Via Vulture)