Legal challenge going after Kirkman's freaky new post-Walking Dead comic

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Nov 4, 2013

Not content to terrify us with zombies, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is prepping a new comic to focus on the horrors of demon possession. But there’s just one problem.

Dubbed The Outcast, Kirkman’s new comic series is set to focus on a man battling demon possession. A freaky topic, to be sure, and it should be a nice change of pace for Kirkman. Sounds good, right?

The thing Kirkman didn’t take into account? Apparently The Outcast already exists via a 1995 one-shot produced by Valiant Comics, telling a bizarre sci-fi story about alien DNA being implanted in primates.

With Kirkman’s version coming in 2014, Valiant Comics is reportedly eyeing a lawsuit to contest Kirkman’s use of the name. So they’ll either have to settle the potential suit — or Kirkman’s comic could be retitled or even delayed before we actually get to see it.

You can still find Valiant Comics’ The Outcast digitally via comiXology, if you’re filled with morbid curiosity.

What do you think of the potential lawsuit? Should Valiant still have rights to the name, or should Kirkman be able to use it?

(Via Digital Spy)

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