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Legal issues surrounding Stan Lee continue

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Jul 8, 2018, 5:37 PM EDT (Updated)

As Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp flies into theaters, Stan Lee's legal issues are only getting more complicated. The continuing conflict between Lee and his former business advisor Keya Morgan is in court yet again, only this time it's about who exactly represents Lee legally.

Lawyers representing Stan Lee and his daughter were back in court today, where the judge ruled former lawyer Tom Lallas did not have the authority to represent Lee in matters -- including filing a restraining order against Morgan. Friday, Superior Court Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman would not hear a motion to extend a temporary restraining order against Morgan because Lallas, the lawyer who filed the order, was fired by Lee in February. Lee also claimed Lallas had disclosed details about Lee's life to the media and submitted a document saying he wished Lallas would "just stop."

Judge Kleman dissolved the restraining order, saying: “I’m only concerned who has authority to represent Mr. Lee.”

Lawyers for Lee and his daughter then filed a restraining order of their own against Morgan, who was recently charged with filing a false report, among other allegations. In the previous (now dissolved) restraining order, claims of elder abuse were also made, which Lee's lawyers say they will investigate working with police.

These aren't the only legal battles Lee has faced this year. In April, a lawsuit was filed against a former publicist of Lee's named Jerry Olivarez that claimed he took Lee's blood without permission and stamped it on comic books he then sold.

Morgan has continued to deny allegations of abuse.

(via AP News)

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