Is a Legend of Zelda series being developed at Netflix?

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Feb 7, 2015, 7:07 AM EST (Updated)

Netflix sure has been bringing a lot of exciting original content to its streaming service, hasn't it? But, I gotta be honest, I never thought they could top getting the rights for a multiple-Marvel-series deal.

Well, if this latest news is on the level, then Netflix may be about to raise the bar again. According to a source, Nintendo and Netflix are in negotiations to make a live. Action. Legend. Of Zelda. SERIES.

OK, let's take a breath. Developing doesn't mean it'll definitely happen, but, man, The Legend of Zelda is a huge get with a worldwide audience the childhood of which is defined by the videogame series.

So, what's the scuttlebutt? Well, supposedly the intention is for the Zelda series to be an all-ages Game of Thrones. Which, yeah. That sounds right.

Keep in mind that Nintendo is very careful with its licenses now. In the past, they were a little more willing to share the goods, which led to the Phillips CDi games, the Super Mario Bros. movie and the Legend of Zelda cartoon show. None of those were quite, let's say, true to the source material.

But Netflix has been doing pretty solid work, so if they and Nintendo can work it out, a Legend of Zelda show could really be happening. Now they just need someone to write it. And star in it, and direct it. And ...

I mean, I'm available, Nintendo and Netflix. Just sayin'. Oh, all right, all right. Feel free to leave your own elevator pitches in the comments.

(via WSJ)