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Legendary shoots for the stars by releasing opening title sequence for Lost in Space reboot

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Apr 6, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

Legendary invites us to traverse the cosmos with the opening titles of the Lost in Space reboot coming to Netflix next week. Filled with a hopeful horn section, the sequence follows humanity's journey and evolution into space, from the very first moon landing all the way to the creation of the Mars rover.

Our fascination and curiosity with exploring the universe are on full display, with still images of a young boy with a model rocket or a little girl on her father's shoulders pointing excitedly to a launching spaceship. Finally, we close out with the iconic bars of the original show's theme song, which, fun fact, was written by John Williams

It's all very well done and speaks to the modern reboot nature of the upcoming series. When Lost in Space first aired back in September of 1965, the Apollo 11 mission was still four years away. A lot of what we know about human space travel (like the effect of zero gravity on our bodies, for instance) wasn't known, and therefore many of the scientific concepts were actually science fiction concepts.

While the Netflix version also falls under the purview of the sci-fi genre, it also has the advantage of over 50 years of scientific advancement in the field of "space study" to portray and explore certain ideas that the first show couldn't have even dreamed of. By showing just how far we've come, the opening titles instantly set the reboot apart from its predecessor. 

Lost in Space follows the adventures of the Robinson family as they literally get lost out among the stars when they fall through a rip in space-time. During their travels, they'll come across strange planets, alien life, and terrifying robots  that are adept at spotting dangerThe first season of the show drops on Netflix Friday, April 13. 

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