Turkish Star Wars

Legendary 'Turkish Star Wars' film gets HD remaster

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Apr 24, 2018

Over three decades ago, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, aka The Man Who Saves the World, became a hit in Turkey, despite being cobbled together from original footage as well as special effects shots from Star Wars and several other American films and TV shows. When the movie finally made its way to America, it was nicknamed "Turkish Star Wars." An original 35mm print of the film resurfaced two years ago, now, The Man Who Saves the World has been restored and given a brand new 2K digital scan.

Via io9, film historian Ed Glaser’s Neon Harbor Entertainment will premiere the HD cut of "Turkish Star Wars" on May 4 (Star Wars Day) with two world premiere screenings at the Cinema Museum in London and the CCA in Glasgow. Glaser told io9 that he is looking into scheduling screenings of the film in America, but he also noted that he doesn’t have the rights to the film itself. Only the 2K restoration and the 35mm print are under Glaser’s control.

Glaser also released the video above, that explains how The Man Who Saves the World was originally envisioned as a Turkish epic complete with its own ship sets. However, a series of unfortunate disasters forced director Çetin Inanç to improvise by literally stealing footage from Star Wars and other sources.

As noted in the video, The Man Who Saves the World wasn’t solely dependent upon the purloined special effects shots. The hilariously executed monster suits created for the film make it an even funnier experience, and there is a laughably familiar narrative that manages to be enjoyable.

There was an attempt to make a sequel to the movie years later, without the pirated shots, but it just wasn’t the same. As such, there’s just the one and only "Turkish Star Wars." Hopefully its restoration will get a chance to shine in America as well.

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