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Legends of Tomorrow boss swears they won't 'de-cool' Constantine in Season 4

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

When Legends of Tomorrow returns next season, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) will become a permanent fixture on The CW superhero series. But instead of joining the crew of the Waverider and fitting in with the team, it may be up to the Legends to adapt to Constantine.

That’s what Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer revealed in a recent interview with ComicBook.com, where he promised he won’t water down the character when the occult detective and demonologist becomes a series regular for Season 4.

“Personally, I can’t imagine Constantine having quarters on the Waverider,” Klemmer said. “I want to keep him Constantine. I don’t want to ever have a scene of him having to do his laundry, because to me, guys like Constantine, they always have clean clothes. Who knows where they come from? I don’t want to see that scene.”

Instead of ship's quarters, Klemmer hinted that the apartment where we last saw him (in “Necromancing the Stone”) may be where the Legends will find him instead.

“That was just like an episodic set that was built just for that episode,” Klemmer added. “As soon as I saw that severed foot chicken storyline, it showed Constantine [in a different light]. Most people don't think of him as being a funny guy, but I think that's the trick of our show. I don't want to de-fang him or de-cool him in a way. I don't want him to have to accommodate being a Legend. I think it's up to the Legends to tolerate John Constantine for who he is.”

Ryan first played Constantine on the short-lived titular NBC series before guest-starring in a Season 4 episode of Arrow. The character was brought back for a handful of guest-starring appearances on this season of Legends of Tomorrow and will return for the season finale, “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly” next week. He also voices the character on The CW Seed’s animated series Constantine: City of Demons.

As for the reasons why Klemmer first added the Hellblazer into the Legends mix in the first place, the EP said: “I had not really realized the fervor of [Constantine’s] fandom. I sort of accidentally discovered it. Honestly, we put him on the show just because we wanted him on the show. There’s no cynical calculation of trying to accumulate somebody else’s fans.”

Are you relieved to hear that Legends of Tomorrow will keep the John Constantine fans know and love just the way he is? Don't forget to tune in for the Season 3 finale, airing April 9.

(via ComicBook)

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