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Legends of Tomorrow cast weighs in on that Wonder Woman Easter egg

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Nov 15, 2017

Could Wonder Woman be heading to the CW? Probably not, but on last night’s Legends of Tomorrow episode, Helen Hunt at least acknowledged that the Amazon princess exists in the same superhero universe as the Legends, Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl.

After contending with the resurrection of Damien Darhk (Neil McDonough), the Legends needed to return a time-displaced Helen of Troy (Bar Paly) to the Bronze Age. However, Zari (Tala Ashe) exploited a loophole, and instead deposited Helen down on the sandy beaches of Themyscira. In other words, the show introduced the remote island of warrior women where Diana, aka Wonder Woman, was born and raised.

During a visit to the Legends of Tomorrow set last week in Vancouver, we spoke with various cast members, who weighed in on the shout-out to Wonder Woman, as well as the consequences for Zari’s actions.

Caity Lotz, who plays group leader White Canary, found the Wonder Woman Easter egg “cool,” and joked “So, Gal Gadot is coming on the show.” 

Atom actor Brandon Routh hadn’t viewed the scene yet, but loved the Wonder Woman feature film. He noted, “I think giving praise to that, and that whole world, is awesome.”

Maisie Richardson-Seller (Vixen) echoed Routh’s sentiments. “I think it’s awesome,” she said, “That’s what I love about the comic-book universe, is when you can tap into different worlds.”

Finally, Ashe stated, “I love it. It really works for the story. I think in general the next episode is very female-strong, and, so, it’s appropriate that that’s the last moment you see in that episode.”

Zari might have had the best of intentions, but she’s not off the hook for striking out on her own. The fallout from disobeying orders will continue over the next few episodes. In terms of how the Legends react, Ashe confirms the obvious.

“Not well,” she said. “That’s something you’re going to see a lot of in the coming season, is Zari trying to hack time and try to find these loopholes, and it’s going to come to a head in Episode 10, especially with Sara. She’s not cool with it.”

“It’s going to be annoying for Sara and something that she can’t really tolerate on the team,” Lotz explained. “She can’t have somebody, like some new person, coming in and messing everything up by trying to do her own thing.”

Richardson-Seller, who described Zari as a “rebel,” put a more positive spin on the character’s defiance.

“What’s great is Zari gives us a new perspective on the ways that we can alter history and maybe actually improve it, rather than just correct it,” Richardson-Seller concluded. “So, it’s definitely an eye-opener for the whole team, especially Sara, who has very strict rules. She has to sort of reassess. In a later episode, Zari’s way of doing things is the way that we will survive.”

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