Legends of Tomorrow heralds the return of Constantine

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Dec 5, 2017

After NBC canceled the TV series Constantine, viewers assumed that was the end of the chain-smoking demonologist. However, The CW resurrected Matt Ryan’s John Constantine for a guest appearance in the Arrow episode, "Haunted." Now, Ryan will reprise that role for a two-part arc beginning tonight on Legends of Tomorrow. And, his timing couldn’t be better. Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) has been menacing the Legends with his dark magic – and the heroes could use some mystical assistance in taking him down.

As Brandon Routh noted during our recent set visit, many of the Legends – including Ray – have never encountered the cynical occultist before.

“I think it’s kinda cool to have Constantine aboard the ship, and I did get to have a fun scene with Matt,” Routh said. “And I think he brings a cool element to the show. Our season thus far has been heavily influenced by the supernatural and by magic, so it’s very appropriate to have him there. And he brings some very crucial storylines, and plays an integral role in the episode, in us moving forward, and in helping Ray with some motivation or information that will really propel the second half of the season forward. So, Ray thinks it’s cool to have him there.”

Ray’s Atom suit is based on technology. So, what does a man of science make of Constantine and his brand of magic?

Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh in Legends of Tomorrow (via The CW)

“I think Ray would be intrigued by it, as he was in love with Camelot and that type of thing growing up,” offered Routh. “I think his excitement level would be very high in that area, and he would work to figure out how that works. And I actually think Ray is okay not knowing how things work. He would work to figure it out, but he wouldn’t be as frustrated as enticed and excited that he doesn’t know the answer. That’s what drives him, is not knowing the answer and not being frustrated, but finding motivation and inspiration.”

On the other hand, Amaya and Zari’s totems are otherworldly, which fascinates Constantine.

“I can't really talk too many details about the episode, but I will say it's interesting because he's such a different kind of male presence than we've had on the show in any other episode,” Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya) said. “So, it definitely shakes everyone up, and there's quite a fun dynamic with Nate as well. He gets a little bit jealous. So, I think Constantine’s ballsy sort of energy, and the skills that he has, Amaya definitely admires that, and loves the fact that he's so gung-ho about everything. She looks up to him, definitely.”

As for Zari’s amulet, actress Tala Ashe noted, “I think he’s going to be interested in the totems in general and what their meaning is, and he might be someone who can help with figuring out what that means.

Constantine proved pivotal in helping a crazy Sara (Caity Lotz) recover from her Lazarus Pit rebirth. That means the two share a history.

“I’ve gotten to work with Matt before on Arrow, but I think I was pretty much possessed the whole time,” Lotz concluded. “He is a fabulous actor. We had so much fun on set. I think Sara... I mean he is like this really cocky guy. I think Sara throws him for a loop because he thinks he is impressive. But, then Sara is like (makes attack noises) and takes everybody down. Yeah, I think they are friends. They like each other.”

Constantine makes his way to Legends of Tomorrow tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 5) on The CW at 9PM.  

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