Legends of Tomorrow is at its weirdest, in a good way, in one wild season finale

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

It’s all been leading to a final clash with the powerful demon Mallus, and we got that battle in spades — and in quite possibly the weirdest thing ever aired on broadcast television. In a good, but truly ridiculous, way.

Spoilers ahead for “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly,” the Season 3 finale of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired April 9, 2018. 

So the Legends finally figured out how to properly use the totems to battle Mallus — and it came in the form of joining all their forces to manifest a giant warrior powered by all their spirits inside. Basically, as Nate points out, it’s Voltron. But instead of a gigantic robot warrior, the team is trying to channel goodness — which takes the form of the recurring easter egg stuffed animal Beebo. Yes, a building-sized version of a blue, cuddly animal foes toe-to-toe with a giant winged demon. It’s as silly, wacky and absurd as it sounds. If it were any other show, it’d be a jump the shark moment, but this show revels in that type of weirdness every week. This is just the natural progression of that insanity, and you can’t help but smile as the epic battle ends in an explosion of feathers and fluff.

Despite the zaniness, this episode also did an excellent job of bringing the entire season full circle in a meaningful way. The B-level baddies were all drawn from previous episodes in the season, while the team is joined by a roster of heroes they helped save throughout the year. The highlight is arguably the time displaced Helen of Troy, who was dropped off in Themyscira and has grown into a warrior who would make Wonder Woman proud. Seriously, that was arguably the easter egg of the night, with some clear nods to the recent Wonder Woman film look and fighting style. A good version of Kawasa also shows up to help, give us a peek at how she’s turned out a whole lot nicer in this revised timeline, and shares the totems with her sister (meaning future Vixen appearances could feature Kawasa). The Legends are still struggling with their own worthiness, and bringing those players back was a clear reminder of the good they’ve done along the way.

This episode also cleared the board to make room for some cast shake-ups in Season 4, while providing a few nice coda for some departed and departing heroes along the way. Rip Hunter gave his life to help slow down Mallus (though his off-screen “death” via time drive certainly leaves the door open for a potential return down the line). Along with Rip, Amaya also finally decides to return home to the 1940s to live out her life and pave the way for the next few generations of Vixens. Though Nate has struggled with her departure, he finally seems to have reached a point of acceptance. Considering how closely his identity has been tied to his relationship with Amaya, here’s hoping they use that split as a catalyst to dig a bit deeper into Nate next year. Last but certainly not least, Jax made his triumphant return to this week — though in his timeline he’s been gone a full five years. In that time he’s gotten married and had a child, which was a sweet way to say goodbye to Jax and show he’s grown up and moved on with a new life post-Legends.

Looking ahead to Season 4, the final scene gives a pretty clear tease of where it’s heading. The team is chilling in Aruba when none other than Constantine (and his new sidekick cosplay Gary?) show up to let them know that a whole lot of other nasty stuff escaped when the gate to hell was open for Mallus. We already knew Constantine was joining the show next season, but now it’s clear why. He’s taking the Legends to task to clean up their mess. The door is also left wide open for Ava to return next year, which makes sense, considering she’s been officially upped to a series regular next season. So, with more Ava and Constantine, it makes sense the show would shed Amaya and Rip. Gotta open up some seats on the Waverider somewhere.

Assorted musings


*Zari totally has a thing with Jonah Hex, and it’s pretty great. Scars or not, dude knows how to smolder. Could we see Hex back next season a bit, too? The door is certainly open.

*Damien Darhk also gets an interesting arc, finally coming full circle to sacrifice his own life to free his daughter Nora from the stranglehold of Mallus. With Mallus defeated, it seemingly means that Darhk is dead, and having him go out on a noble deed felt true to his arc this year. Sure, he’s evil, but he still loves his daughter. 

*But what about Nora? Ray has always had a bit of chemistry with her, and slips her a time stone as she’s being hauled off by the Time Bureau. So, she certainly has the means to escape. Could we also see her back next year in some capacity? Or is leaving her story open ended, the end, with a mysterious new beginning on the horizon? Only time will tell.

*The final goodbye between Nate and Amays was a sweet moment, and we can all relate to Nate as he reminds himself not to turn around. Stay strong, brother.

Next up: A long summer without any Legends, but the series will be back next season!

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