Legends of Tomorrow is giving John Noble a second role…one he was (literally) born for

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Feb 19, 2018, 2:10 PM EST

Because the world can never have enough of a guy like John Noble, leave it to DC's Legends of Tomorrow to devise a way to use him twice. In addition to his ongoing voice work as big baddie Mallus, Legends’ time-straddling disembodied conduit for all things ominous, the show’s creators are about to turn Noble loose on a very different kind of role—a role, in fact, we’re pretty sure he was born to play.

How different? Try John Noble as…John Noble. That’s right, the Fringe alum, and one of genre television’s most durable, lovable-yet-sinister icons, is reportedly set to appear as none other than himself in at least one future episode of The CW’s offbeat slice of the Arrowverse. We’re still not sure how, and we’re still not sure when, but Legends producer Marc Guggenheim assured Entertainment Weekly that the wait will be worth it.

Guggenheim told EW he’s stoked about the way the show’s creative team came up with the idea to feature Noble in live action. 

“We figured out a very Legends-like way to actually get John Noble the actor into the show,” Guggenheim said. “…He’s been voicing our third season’s big bad, Mallus, but he won’t be appearing as the time demon. He’ll actually be appearing as himself.” 

To do that, Noble won’t have to give up his voiced role as Mallus. In fact, Legends has pledged to give Mallus the full CGI treatment before the current season is finished, so we’ll all finally be able to put an evil face with Noble’s deliciously evil voice. 

Instead, the show is having some fun with the meta-ness of it all, working Noble into an episode in a way Guggenheim says “makes total sense in a Legends-y kind of way.” For now, that’s all the details the network is spilling, so we don’t know if Noble’s appearing only in one episode, or if The CW plans to keep the gag running. 

Until Noble’s walk-on, you can stay up to date on the ongoing third season of Legends of Tomorrow over at The CW, where the show airs at 8 p.m. ET on Mondays.

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