Legends of Tomorrow producer talks Hawkman, big deaths and Booster Gold

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Aug 10, 2015

The CW has been digging deeper into DC’s canon with each passing year thanks to Arrow and The Flash, but they’ve only scratched the surface of full-fledged comic-book insanity. 

The upcoming spinoff/anthology series Legends of Tomorrow is gearing up for a 2016 debut, so showrunner Phil Klemmer and producer Marc Guggenheim chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect. Apparently, Guggenheim has them reading the tripped-out comic run Time Masters: Vanishing Point for inspiration, which is a crazy mashup of different characters all sharing the page, so we can’t wait to see more of what they’re cooking up.

First up, Guggenheim chatted about the addition of Falk Hentschel as Hawkman, and promised they’ll be telling a very comic-heavy version of the origin story. Hawkman will be 5,000 years old and have full memory of his past lives. Hawkgirl, on the other hand, will not remember her past. But Guggenheim did say comic fans will “recognize an awful lot” from her introduction, adding it’ll be “one of the more faithful origins that we’ve told.”

Next up, Klemmer promised the stakes will be as high as ever, and since this is essentially an anthology-style show, they’re prepared to kill off some A-listers if the move will serve the story. Since we’ll be zipping through time to battle Vandal Savage, the showrunner teased that some heroes (and antiheroes) could be “lost in time” along the way. Hmm.

Last but not least: Booster Gold, another time-traveling DC hero who would be an obvious fit in a series like Legends of Tomorrow. Klemmer said there are no plans to include Booster in Season 1, adding that fans may have to wait “a good long while” to see Booster in the Arrow-verse. But he then teased that perhaps Booster is “being groomed for bigger things.” This is interesting, especially considering that a standalone Booster series has been in and out of development since before Arrow hit the airwaves. Is he teasing a future standalone series, or even a big-screen take on the character? Who knows?

Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere in 2016 on The CW. What do you make of the new intel?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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