Legends of Tomorrow producer teases season 2 crossovers, giant robots, ultimate sacrifices, and new characters

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Apr 28, 2016, 6:49 PM EDT

By any standard, DC's Legends of Tomorrow was a huge risk for The CW, one that seems to have paid off in a competitive Thursday night timeslot. With four episodes to go this season and a Season 2 renewal, executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke to Blastr about what to expect.

What have you learned now that you've finished shooting Season 1?

Like any show, you never know how it’s going to turn out or if it’s going to work. We got some things wrong and some things right. The fact that a vast audience responded to something as outlandish as Legends ... I think It’s heartening that there’s that many weirdos out there who would enjoy a time-travel superhero show with misfit superheroes. We haven’t hit all the gears this machine has, and we’re damned if we don’t hit them next season.

I never thought that a bisexual resurrected woman from the League of Assassins would have interesting chemistry with [others]. I think seeing the chemistry between Ray and a guy like [Mick] Rory, you can’t even imagine that they live on the same planet, these two. You find these moments where they have emotional closeness. We will see people make the most unexpected things. We will see people make huge sacrifices for people they didn’t give a snot for in the first episode. They make the ultimate sacrifices for one another as we reach the finish line here.

What have fans reacted to that has surprised and interested you?

We found keeping our team from getting along is what makes the show fun and unlike anything else on TV. What makes them great is that they never quite get it right. As much as they’ve gelled and influenced one another, they still manage to be the B-team and the underdogs. That’s where we keep them. In Season 2, that’s the challenge: How we make them succeed without being triumphant.

Will we see a big changes in the cast next season?

It’s a bit of an anthology, it was meant to tolerate characters coming and going. It was never our intention to find a clever way to hit the reset button. I don’t think Season 2 is gonna have much in common with Season 1. Obviously, you’ll see some familiar faces, but the dynamics will be changed, the mythology will be changed. It raises the question, what do you do once you’ve saved the world? Everyone on our team will have a different answer to that question. That’s what makes them legends.

What can we expect as the season comes to a close?

[This week’s episode] will feel like you’re watching the final episode of any normal show. But we’ve strived to make our show not normal. We’ve strived to make what seems like our final confrontation with Vandal Savage ... we have a giant robot battle on a giant battlefield. It would be easy to put a period on the end of this without coming up with a twist that sends us into the final three. Hopefully we’ve found a way to defy expectations and satisfy them at the same time.

After seeing the Supergirl cross over with The Flash, are you hoping to do more crossovers on Legends?

Just knowing how difficult it is to coordinate with another show kind of makes my stomach drop out. But we will do all manner of crossovers next season. I’m unabashedly excited the way we were able to discover Jonah Hex. We’re exploring how we’ll be able to bring in other members of the DC universe. That makes me really excited. DC’s allowed us to go crazy in their candy store. In Season 2, we plan to gorge ourselves on their delicious characters.