Legends of Tomorrow producers 'actively campaigning' to add Constantine

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Aug 4, 2017, 11:03 AM EDT

Where The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl are a bit more grounded to a specific time and place, The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow features a revolving cast of heroes tackling all sorts of wacky problems across time and space — and they want to use that flexibility to bring John Constantine back for a few more adventures.

While speaking at the TCA press event, executive producer Phil Klemmer revealed the creative team is “actively campaigning” to bring Matt Ryan’s version of John Constantine on board the Waverider at some point during Season 3. Ryan’s version of the Hellblazer was first introduced in a short-lived NBC series, and when that was canceled, he jumped over to Arrow for a guest role — a move that formally introduced Constantine to the Arrowverse. Since he exists in this universe now, the Legends team wants to pull that Matt Ryan action figure back out of the toy box and put it on a spaceship. Yes, please.

Klemmer didn’t make it clear who they’re trying to convince, though it stands to reason it’d be the network and studio. Ryan has shown he’s more than willing to reprise the role (he’s actually voicing Constantine in an animated, online series for The CW Seed), so it sounds like they’re just trying to get the pieces to fall into place for Ryan to return to the Arrowverse proper.

Even if it’s not as a permanent member of the crew, you’d have to think there’s room to bring Constantine in for an episode or two. The show has featured characters such as Jonah Hex and Connor Hawke in shorter arcs over the past two years, so it’d be easy enough to follow that one-off approach to team Constantine with the Legends, right?


(Via IGN)