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Legends of Tomorrow will crossover with itself (seriously) during Batwoman week

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Oct 15, 2018, 2:16 PM EDT

The CW’s superhero crossovers have almost become an annual holiday for fans, but Legends of Tomorrow will be sitting out the super-event this time around. Thankfully, the Legends will still be keeping busy with their own crossover episode that week… with themselves?

TV Line reports Legends will have an episode that will focus on “alternate time periods” that star Caity Lotz teased might be one of the most bonkers things the show has attempted up this point. That’s saying a lot for a series that’s featured Civil War zombies, giant demons and pretty much every wacky idea in-between.

“That particular episode is insane. I think they wanted to do something special since we weren’t going to be doing the [Elseworlds] crossovers,” Lotz said. “You’ll see a lot of different sides of the Legends.”

We’ve already seen the Legends interact with versions of themselves before, and obviously, it’s one of the most fun concepts when it comes to time travel. It’s also a clever way to keep the Legends in the crossover mix, even if they’re not part of the full event.

The Legends played a key role in last year’s crossover, but with this year’s Arrow, Flash and Supergirl event already tasked with introducing Batwoman to the Arrowverse (along with bringing Superman along to meet Flash and Green Arrow), it makes sense a series with so many characters would be sidelined to clear creative space for the newbies.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its new season Monday, Oct. 22. The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl crossover “Elseworlds” airs Sunday, Dec. 9 through Tuesday, Dec. 11.

(Via TV Line)