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Legends of Tomorrow cast, producers reveal news on main villain and team chemistry

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Jul 12, 2015, 6:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Cast and crew from CW's midseason superhero team show DC's Legends of Tomorrow gathered at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday to discuss their role in the network's expanding DC Comics universe-based series. 

While they don't have scripts or a pilot to show off yet, cast members Brandon Routh, Victor Garber and Caity Lotz were still able to share information about what they know -- and what they hope -- about the time-traveling Justice League-lite show. And executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer revealed some juicy bits about the lead villain, the team's chemistry and future crossovers.

Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer

After enjoying success as executive producer on Arrow, Marc Guggenheim said he still feels humbled (and incredibly geeked out) that Warner Bros. is letting him make this show. 

"They showed an incredible amount of faith in us," he said. "I wrote a line the other day for Ray Palmer that 10-year-old me is having a moment – that's pretty much me."

Guggenheim also said that each arc on the show "feels like its own movie" and would not be opposed to a different team of heroes being introduced in future seasons as new characters emerge.

As far as what fans will actually see in the show, he said seeing the characters together in the first hour is part of the show's cache, and promised a moment in the second hour "that's pretty amazing."

With regard to the immortal villain Vandal Savage, Guggenheim agrees that he and Ra's Al Ghul – who was the main baddie in Arrow last season – share a "common comic-book DNA."

But he said Ra's seemed more obsessed with finding a successor, whereas Vandal's aspirations are "nothing smaller than taking over the entire world.""

Finally, Guggenheim spoke to the possibility one day of the television DC Comics-verse crossing over with the cinematic one (because, you know, multiverse!). He said he had two fanboy dreams: to see Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns on the big screen, which he says is pretty close to happening with Batman v Superman, and to see Crisis on Infinite Earths on the big screen.

And "it is certainly possible."

Phil Klemmer, Executive Producer

Showrunner Klemmer said when Rip Hunter comes from the future to recruit these heroes for a mission, it's pretty simple: The comic-book equivalent of "Who wants to stop Hitler?"

But he added that Rip's message is "slightly more mixed and nuanced; it's not a simple mission." 

"Once we get into the past and try to do something, it gets complicated." Plus, he said each hero "says yes [to the mission] with their own secret motivation," which may not be altruistic. 

By including villains on the team, Klemmer said "clearly they are vulnerable" to the temptations of Savage, but he could also "be very seductive to members of our team you may not expect."

Finally, Klemmer said the appeal of the show is that this is a group of people he wants to see at a dinner party – except they are a "dirty-dozen bunch, and many outwardly hate each other."

Brandon Routh ("Ray Palmer/The Atom")

In the Arrow Season 3 finale, Routh's character appeared to be caught in an explosion in his Palmer Technologies building. But we know he's taking a lead role in the new team. 

Routh said he could still be in that building, but "I don't know if I'm there, if I've escaped the building or where I am." However, it will be resolved in the earlier episodes of Arrow.

He added that Palmer will take on some of the "overall leadership" of the team as they join forces with Rip Hunter to take down Vandal Savage. Although he said he didn't know well that will serve Palmer, he thinks Ray "knows more about being a hero" since we first met him. He's a better tactician, can engage in combat and knows more about fighting beyond what his suit can do for him.

Caity Lotz ("Sarah Lance/White Canary")

After getting killed off in Season 3 of Arrow, Lotz is returning as the resurrected White Canary in LoT, and she's already liking the new costume more. She said she prefers not having to wear a wig and mask, and it's actually better for the stunts she has to do.

She said that producers have already planned crossovers on Arrow and The Flash, the two shows that will be setting up the premiere of LoT.

Regarding character interactions with others, she said she imagines Dominic Purcell's Heat Wave and Sara will hate each other but is hoping that she and Ciara Renee's Hawkgirl will be friends since they are the only two females on the show. She also brought up Sara's bisexuality and wondered how that might place into the team dynamic.

As for how she'd like her character to return, she admitted it is hard to speculate but is "hoping she goes bats—t crazy" at first.

Victor Garber ("Dr. Martin Stein/Firestorm")

As Stein, Garber is one half of Firestorm on LoT, but his other half Robbie Amell/ "Ronnie Raymond" has not been connected to the show. Garber said this will be resolved in the Season 2 premiere of The Flash and that he would be appearing in four episodes of that show. 

"We're all kind of feeling our way," since there is not yet a script for the new series, but he added, "it will all come to fruition" within the first couple of episodes. 

Since Stein is used to being the smartest guy in the room, Garber said he is looking forward to the interaction with Rip Hunter (played by Arthur Darvill), an equally smart time traveler from the future. He said he hopes Stein and Garber manage to be both adversarial and colleagues. 

"These are people who shouldn't be together," he said about a team that also includes villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave. "That's the fun of it."

Garber knows "very little" about his arc on the show, but said he has entered the show on "blind faith" after his experience on The Flash, where producers managed to let an ensemble cast shine.

"They're really smart and really know how to give everyone their moment."

As much as Garber is slipping into a comic-book world, he doesn't actually read them, and never has. He joked that DC Comics sent him books about Firestorm but he never actually read them.

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