Legends of Tomorrow star teases some team members may be 'cycling out' soon

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Mar 3, 2016

The major selling point for The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow was the fact that it featured a wide array of heroes, and it sounds like that roster may be a bit more fluid than we’d thought.

Joseph David-Jones, who played the future Green Arrow (aka Connor Hawke/John Diggle Jr.), told ComicBook.com that there is a chance he could potentially return to the series. How could that work? Well, they apparently plan on “cycling out” some of the other heroes along the way. Aside from the fact that he might return, which would be super-cool, David-Jones’ comments seem to indicate we could see some changes to the team makeup before the season even comes to an end.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

"I know that a couple of the writers are trying to push to get me back in there, because they really do like what happened with the episode. I know that they're trying to put me back in there but I don't know what they're going to come up with or what even is going to happen with Connor Hawke, but I know they've been talking about potential different outcomes of it because they are plan[ning] on cycling out some of the cast from the ship. So I don't know what's going to happen, or if that timeline is still set until they actually do go back to the past.”

The writers have approached Legends as an anthology series, of sorts, and despite solid ratings there has been no confirmation of a second season as of yet. But, if the show were to return, it stands to reason we might see a whole different team and a whole different mission next year.

We’ll go ahead and say what everyone is thinking: Here’s hoping Matt Ryan’s Constantine gets a new lease on life down the line. 

(Via ComicBook.com)

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