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Legion co-star explains why he never thought his character was really dead

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Jul 30, 2018, 11:19 AM EDT

Legion is, to put it mildly, a very strange show. It's a show so weird that sometimes even the cast has difficulty understanding what's going on or predicting what might happen next. That definitely held true throughout the recently concluded second season, but despite all the twists and turns, one of the show's co-stars knew his character's "death" was never really going to be final.

The show's cast and producers (minus creator Noah Hawley) headed to San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month to promote the show, but since Season 2 had only just wrapped up and Season 3 is still a bit far away, there wasn't much they could tell us that careful viewers of the series didn't already know. In an interview with Marvel, though, co-star Jeremie Harris (Ptonomy Wallace) explained his take on what happened to Ptonomy last season.

The master of memory was, you may recall, nearly ripped in half by one of the madness creatures when it pulled itself out of him (David was able to safely extract the others from his friends, but he never saw this one coming), and while the Vermillion were able to "upload" him to the Division III mainframe, it wasn't entirely clear what would become of Ptonomy going forward. According to Harris, if you're a Ptonomy fan, you can relax, because he's not dead, and he never really was.

"It’s interesting... I don’t understand why anyone would ever say Ptonomy is dead. [Laughs] It’s in the X-Men world and the Legion world. It’s just part of the journey of existing," Harris said. "He now has this new form and in a way has come out of his shell and has a new road to go down. I think a lot of shows are prisoner to not being able to break the rules in those ways. That’s the character, and they’re going to play that and do that season after season. Here we’re able to reinvent characters and send them down whole new roads. So it’s more of a birth than a death that he went through."


What Harris is referring to is something we've only glimpsed so far, but what we have seen Ptonomy do since his mind was uploaded has some very interesting implications. At first, he was just sort of wandering around what looked like an oversized CPU casing, a visual metaphor for the mainframe, trying to find his way. Then he managed to figure out that he could hijack the brain and voice of a Vermillion for a short time and relay the location of Farouk's body to David, which he learned because part of the Monk's memories were hidden in the mainframe. So we now know both that Ptonomy's consciousness can access memories, even hard-to-find ones, in the mainframe and that he can reach out from mainframe via cybernetic beings like the Vermillion.

Does that mean Ptonomy will get a new body, Vermillion-style, and be able to join the team again? Does that mean he will master the mainframe and kind of become it until he's an eye in the sky for the Division III team? Both certainly seem possible, but so do a host of other things, because as Harris said, one of the joys of Legion is the apparent lack of rules.

Legion returns, with Ptonomy in some form, in 2019 on FX.