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Dan Stevens talks David's 'love junkie' turn in Legion Season 3

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Jun 19, 2019, 9:03 PM EDT (Updated)

While the show has always had a psychedelic streak, the third and final season of Legion sure sounds like it's going to be a trip. Literally. 

The last time we saw David (Dan Stevens) at the end the show's second season, he'd embraced his inner villain before exiling himself with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza). Now, going into the show's third season, David has emerged from the great unknown as the leader of a cult. Hey, it happens. 

In an interview with Marvel.com, Stevens, along with showrunner Noah Hawley, elaborated on how this new cult is something of a codependent relationship for David. 

"That sort of love junkie side of him is kind of sated by this community," Stevens said about his character. "He gets their acolyte adulation, and they get this extraordinary chemical that he's able to produce that makes everybody blissful."

The chemical in question was described by Hawley as "a smokable blue liquid he creates that creates a sense of euphoria. They feel joy and good towards him. That's sort of all he needs."

While being worshipped does well for David's narcissism, he still has a desire to redeem himself to those he's wronged, including his former love, Syd (Rachel Keller). Thanks to Switch (Lauren Tsai), a member of his cult who also has the mutant ability to time travel, he may get that chance. 

"In the background, he's looking for a way to actually go back and fix the fundamental love issue that he's had both with his parents and also with Syd," Stevens explained.

The idea that David needs to "go back" to undo the wrongs he's done to those closest to him does reaffirm the suspicion that time travel would be the mechanism to introduce his father, Professor Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd).

We'll see how this all plays out when the final season of Legion gets going on June 24, 2019.