LEGO Batmobile with minifigs
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Credit: LEGO

Holy LEGO Batmobile! Batman movie marks 30th anniversary with revved-up replica

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Nov 7, 2019, 9:14 AM EST

LEGO’s gonna drive you batty with this one.

Tim Burton’s groundbreaking Batman movie celebrates its 30th (yes, 30th!) anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion, LEGO has pulled together a set that’ll surely plaster a smile on every Joker’s face: a kickass replica of the Batmobile from that movie.

If you’ll recall, Burton’s rendition of the Batmobile upended conventional wisdom of exactly what that vehicle could look like, transforming a onetime kitschy set of wheels into a menacing but sleek mode of transportation that was as stealthy as it was deadly.

LEGO’s replica certainly does it justice. The set is made up of more than 3,300 pieces and stretches almost two feet. There are more than a few snazzy features to jazz it up, including a cockpit that slides open, concealed machine guns that pop out, grappling hooks on the side, and even Batman-patented hubcaps. You know, just in case someone mistakes the car as theirs. Or if you really want to make sure this one is yours.

Credit: LEGO

Credit: LEGO

All these details coalesce into a sleek, missile-looking vehicle that reinforces just how revolutionary its design was, with the film’s creative team drawing inspiration on everything from salt flat racers to vintage Corvette Stringrays.

Sealing the deal with this set — which sits on a base that lets you spin it around — are three minifigs: The Dark Knight himself, The Joker, and intrepid reporter Vicki Vale.

Credit: LEGO

Credit: LEGO

The set goes on sale on Nov. 29, Black Friday, for $249.99. A fun bonus: If you buy it between Nov. 29 and Dec. 5, you’ll also get an exclusive mini replica of this Batmobile set for free. Giddy? We bet you’re doing the Batdance right now.

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