LEGO Star Wars Porg

LEGO just brought a life-size Porg to Earth

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Sep 22, 2018, 11:25 AM EDT

By now, we’ve seen just about all the Porg merch in this galaxy—Porg shirts, Porg Funko pops (of course), Porg bobbleheads, furry animatronic Porgs, a borderline terrifying Chewbacca and Porg backpack, and now a life-size LEGO Porg.

Yes, this is for real, and it's one Porg that Chewie can’t slow-roast over a fire.

The creatures from The Last Jedi that you still can’t decide to think of as creepy or cute have now been immortalized in a life-sized LEGO figure that supposedly has the same proportions as the alien species endemic to Ach-to, except plastic isn’t appetizing to Wookiees.

LEGO has been translating just about everything Star Wars, from a massive Millennium Falcon to X-Wings, Y-Wings and even Cloud City, into detailed models for years. Some of them are on such a grand scale that they cost more than what it would be worth to win a game of Sabacc.

LEGO Star Wars Porg

Credit: LEGO

More recently, LEGO has been focusing on Ultimate Collector Series sets that build models instead of entire playset scenarios, such as the life-size BB-8 that touched down on our planet last Force Friday. Most of us would probably want to display rather than play with these things, but you get the point.

For $70, a steal compared to that Falcon, you’ll get 811 piece to build you your very own Porg that will look as realistic as something made out of plastic bricks possibly can. Like a real extraterrestrial specimen, it comes with its own display panel with scientific Porg facts like their diet of small fish or their natural curiosity (nothing about being prey for Wookiees) and a Porg minifigure you might have seen in other Star Wars LEGO sets.

This Porg even moves. Press down the tail and it will open its mouth and flap its wings in the same adorably awkward way its friends in The Last Jedi do.

Oh, and those fathomless black hole eyes just might suck you in.

(via io9)