LEGO Movie sequel producers say follow-up will deal with gender issues

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Sep 14, 2017, 12:44 PM EDT

The LEGO Movie was a heartwarming tale of teamwork, creativity, and of course, Batman. So what is the premise of The LEGO Movie sequel? Producers Dan Lin and Chris McKay can tell you.

According to Collider, LEGO Movie 2 is set a few years after the first film, a follow-up on the ending. If you recall, at the end of The LEGO Movie Finn was given permission to play with his father’s LEGOs. In exchange, he would have to let his young sister join in the fun.

The first words out of his sister’s mouth? “We’re from the planet Duplo, and we’re here to destroy you.” For those of us who have suppressed memories of our childhoods, Duplo is a LEGO-like set for the very young.

Producer Dan Lin, who spoke at a press event for LEGO Ninjago, said the film will have two points of view: Finn's and his younger sister's. “It’s going to be really interesting juxtaposing those two different visions.”

More important, producer Chris McKay said the upcoming film will deal with gender issues. “What’s different and similar about gender, when a boy plays vs. how a girl plays? What kinds of stories are there?" he said, adding: "I’m really excited about where the movie is gonna go because it’s about these things that are actual notions that people have that might even be unconscious biases, where people don’t even realize that that’s the way they’re looking at the world.”

This “unconscious bias” may refer to the way many adults treat children as gendered. This can be seen when parents give their daughter a doll and their boy a baseball mitt, rather than listen to their children’s preferences.

I’m excited to see a fun film franchise like LEGO teach lessons on sharing and creativity to children. I’m even more excited to see this film teach lessons on gender bias to adults.

The LEGO Movie sequel will arrive in theaters on Feb. 8, 2019.

(via Collider)