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Lego The Incredibles is an amazing find for Disney-loving families

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Jul 21, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

It may have taken over 10 years for us to finally see an Incredibles sequel on the big screen, but we've never previously had the chance to spend time with the superpowered family outside of the excellent movies.

That all changes now with the debut of Lego The Incredibles, the newest addition to the Lego video game series. From TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game adaptation of one of Disney and Pixar's most popular franchises is a blast for kids and families alike, a true all-ages platformer that takes fans on a journey through both Incredibles films, with plenty of panache to spare along the way.

The game originally released on the same day as Incredibles 2 debuted in theaters, and for good reason. It explores worlds ripped straight out of the second film, rather than the first. You'll play through the entirety of the second movie's story in both solo and offline co-op modes, rife with missions that retell the flick's narrative. (If you haven't seen the movie yet, you may want to skip out on the game adaptation until you have, as it covers a lot of spoilery ground. There are even some surprises sprinkled throughout for good measure, just to keep things fresh and interesting.)

Haven't played through a game in the Lego series before? It's all pretty standard fare, especially if you've ever played a platformer. You control the various members of the Parr family and utilize their unique powers in combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, with each character perfect for different situations. Because you can control a multitude of characters, it's an excellent choice for Nintendo Switch, which I ended up playing the game on with my own family.

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It's oddly satisfying to smash up the entirety of a level's scenery as you amass a small fortune of Lego studs and unlock additional goodies along the way while doing so. There's plenty to unlock, with that in mind, including new characters and other locations to explore. Much of your time will be spend outside of story missions in the open world, where "crime waves" or temporary events can trigger as linked side missions that give them levity as part of the Lego Incredibles in-game universe.

These events that are triggered seemingly at random open up hilarious and exciting opportunities for you and your friends and family to tackle side-missions that weren't seen in the first two Incredibles movies, lending a sense of originality to the game adaptation. So even on the off chance you feel a little fatigued playing through the story once more, these events are here in full force to help shake things up. 

Lego The Incredibles is an extremely fun and satisfying romp through both of the Incredibles movies, and it's about time we've gotten to spend some time with the video game versions of the characters we've grown to love and know so well. With an abundance of attention paid to the source material (and tons of detail), collectibles, familiar characters and scenarios, and fantastic voice acting, this release turns out to be one of the best Lego games yet. It's just unfortunate that there are only two movies to draw from at this point. Hopefully, we'll get a third movie and another game with it if that ever happens. 

Lego The Incredibles is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

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