LEGO set leaks how Peter Jackson will add Legolas to The Hobbit

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Dec 17, 2012

Legolas does not appear in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, but Peter Jackson has ensured that Orlando Bloom's big-screen interpretation of everyone's favorite bow-slinging elf will have a part to play in his now-three-part adaptation. We're not sure yet how much we'll see of Bloom, but a new LEGO playset might just reveal how we meet him. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bilbo Baggins' journey in The Hobbit takes him many places in Middle-earth, one of which is the forest of Mirkwood, where he and his dwarf companions find themselves prey to some very inhospitable spiders. They eventually get loose from those eight-legged beasts, only to find themselves tussling with the wood-elves who dwell in Mirkwood.

Anyone who's paid attention to the backstory of Legolas knows that he's from Mirkwood, so it makes sense that he'd pop up during this point in the story (his father's the king of the wood, you know). But we weren't sure exactly what role he'd have to play other than simply popping into frame to say hi. Now it seems this LEGO set has given us a big clue.

That's Legolas (the one with the bow) and a new character called Tauriel (played by Lost's Evangeline Lilly) making their move on the evil spiders while dwarves are trapped in webs in the background. In the novel, the escape from the spiders is actually more thanks to Bilbo than anything the elves do, but this looks like things have been shifted into Legolas' hands. Unless this is just LEGO having a little fun with the plot.

It also gives us a good idea of when we might see Legolas. Putting him in at this point makes it seem like he's more likely to be in the first film than we expected before. But will he have a bigger role to play than "Legolas: Spider Slayer"? We'll have to wait for the whole trilogy to find out.

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