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Important Toy News: Princess Leia and Brienne of Tarth action figures are coming

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Sep 27, 2018, 3:33 PM EDT (Updated)

It's getting to be that time of year when people start thinking about what kind of gifts to get for their loved ones (sure, we start early, but it beats last-minute shopping). You won't have to look far, as we've got a range of fandoms covered in this week's Important Toy News. Need something for a Star Wars fan? We got you. A Game of Thrones fan? We got you. Harry Potter? Yep. Die Hard? If you can believe it, yes.

hot toys bespin princess leia

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

To Us She's Royalty

Since expanding its license to cover the original six Star Wars movies, Hot Toys has been on a roll recreating some of the best characters and costumes from one of our favorite film series. We've already seen three Leia figures over the past few years, with her looks from The Last Jedi, A New Hope, and Hoth bringing eerily accurate likenesses to the one-sixth scale collection. Her appearance in The Empire Strikes Back is also the impetus for Hot Toys' latest Leia, a version of the Alderaanian princess in her beautiful Cloud City gown.

Since this sequence in the film is a bit more laid back than the rest of Cloud City's climax, there aren't a lot of accessories to complement Leia. She's basically recreated here with braided hair, the burgundy dress, and that's it. The figure comes with a piece of the wall from her room for display, and the images show that we'll eventually be getting a Bespin Han and Chewie. Ordinarily, such a plain figure wouldn't be all that enticing, but the tailoring on this dress, combined with the stunning Carrie Fisher likeness in the portrait, make this Leia interesting enough to warrant consideration for our collection.

Pre-orders aren't open yet, but you should expect this figure to retail for around $220 when it arrives in Q4 2019.

mafex marvel venom

Credit: Medicom

We Are Venom

Venom is one of those comic book villains that never seems to go out of style. Ever since appearing in Amazing Spider-Man, the fandom has been obsessed with the various incarnations of the black symbiote and its many hosts. Few can match the OG host Eddie Brock, which is why he's the guy getting the movie and not Mac Gargan. It's also why he's going to be the character behind Medicom's latest Marvel MAFEX figure.

Based on the classic design by Todd McFarlane, this Venom figure joins Spider-Man, Deadpool, Gwenpool, and Dark Gwenpool in the Marvel MAFEX series. There are three different heads available, with one showing off Brock's uncovered visage. An array of hands and webbing accessories are also included, but the best part is the magnetic hands and feet. Not only will this figure be super-posable, but you'll also be able to attach him to some metal surfaces to make it look like Venom is actually crawling around your house.

MAFEX Venom is due out next summer and will retail for around $100, exact price depending on the import store you frequent.

good smile nendroid harry potter

Credit: Good Smile

Chibi Harry Potter

Good Smile's Nendoroids are among the cutest poseable collectibles from Japan. The chibi-style figures all have oversized heads with huge, expressive eyes, which can turn even the angriest of characters into an adorable figure. The company didn't have to do too much work on its latest Nendoroid however, as Harry Potter was already a fairly cute kid to start with. Once you put him through that Nendo treatment, he's almost too much to bear.

Notably, Harry is the 999th release in Good Smile's series, which is quite remarkable. There are no signs of the line slowing down any time soon, and we know Harry is also just the first of three planned Wizarding World Nendos, with Hermione and Ron also in the works. This figure comes with a number of accessories from the films, including his owl, his broom, a wand, and the Sorting Hat. Add in three different facial expressions and a Gryffindor scarf, and you've got a can't miss figure for fans.

Harry is due out next May and will retail for around $50 through import sites.

Bring Home Brienne

ThreeZero's Game of Thrones figures have been a staple for the company since the line started a few years ago with Tyrion Lannister. Over the subsequent years, figures for Daenerys, Ned, Jon Snow, Cersei, the Hound, and Arya have all been offered. Finally, ThreeZero has teased a character many fans have been waiting for: Brienne of Tarth.

There aren't many details about the figure just yet, but the Gwendolyn Christie likeness is rather outstanding, and we can definitely see Oathkeeper in the teaser image. It'll be a while until Brienne is actually available, as ThreeZero generally takes its time with releases, but knowing that she's on the way (hopefully) in time for the final season of the show should make fans happy.

funko die hard

Credit: Funko


This October, Funko will get you in the holiday spirit by releasing a series of Pop figures from the best Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard. There are far too few Die Hard collectibles out in the world, and we're glad at least Funko is trying to help the devoted fan base out with its wave of Pops. The set will feature John McClane, Hans Gruber, Al Powell, and Tony Vreski (aka the dead guy in the elevator), with a special Hans in trench coat coming as a Gamestop exclusive. Generally, the line looks good, though it pains us to call out Funko for the inaccurate text on Tony's sweatshirt. It's the small details you have to get right.

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