Lena is still fighting the Luthor legacy in Supergirl episode 305

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Nov 7, 2017, 4:42 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for Supergirl Season Three, Episode 5: "Damage."

News reports are coming in that children across the city are suffering the effects of lead poisoning. Lena is horrified, as the assumption is that the lead bomb she set off to repel the Daxamites wasn't as harmless to humans as she believed. Morgan Edge is leading the blame game against Lena. Lena is horrified and proceeds to drink herself into a stupor at Sam's house. She has been a pariah her whole life, and just when she thinks she is getting out from the stigma of her family name, she is vilified. After all, as Edge points out, the bomb was originally designed by Lex Luthor.

Sam and Kara are determined to discover the truth about the poisonings, and it doesn't take long for them to discover a local public pool has mixed in a dangerous chemical with the chlorine. When it comes into contact with water, it causes the same effects as lead poisoning. The chlorine comes from Acre Lee, a name that Lena claims she doesn't recognize. She is, of course, lying, and confronts Edge. His corporation acquired Acre Lee a few years ago.


This is where things get a little ridiculous. Lena confronts Edge in his office with a gun, threatening to kill him. This seems very out of character for Lena, even if she is still a little drunk. She goes on about how she doesn't want to be part of Lex's legacy, and yet holding someone at gunpoint seems like the low-rent Luthor way. Anyway, Edge out-Luthors Luthor by having one of his men knock Lena out.

When she wakes, she finds she is on a cargo plane with no pilot. It is loaded with Acre Lee drums of chemicals. Edge and a pilot are flying the plane from a tent on the ground, in the middle of nowhere. Lena attempts a mayday call, but her transmission is cut off. Frankly, I am surprised she didn't sit down and try to pilot the plane. Flying lessons seems a very Luthor thing. The DOA picks up a bit of the transmission and Kara recognizes Lena's voice.


The RC pilot attempts to unload the chemicals in the ravine, but Lena stops it. An attempt to crash the plane is foiled by Supergirl, so Edge tries to burn out the motors. Supergirl breaks the plane in half: Lena in one half, the chemicals in the other. The Girl of Steel apparently can't hold on to both halves of the plane and urges Lena to climb up her half and jump into the chemical half. She does, allowing Supergirl to drop the now-empty half of the plane safely into the water. I assume she lands Lena and the chemicals safely elsewhere.

Aside from getting a stern talking-to from Supergirl, Edge faces zero consequences for his act. The children he sickened do get better, though. James and Lena finally seem to be on friendly footing, rushing steadily toward the romance that you just know is coming. In other relationship news, Maggie and Alex finally break up. It is painful to watch, something I credit to director Kevin Smith, who, deep down, is really just a romantic. But neither is willing to compromise, so Maggie moves out. I worry that we are going to go back to emo-moping mode next week. If it's not one Danvers girl, it's the other.


On the Reign front, Sam discovers a hole in her shirt. She finds a bullet in the folds of her jacket, a remnant from an assassination attempt against Lena earlier in the episode. And yet there is not a single mark on her skin.

I found this week's episode to be the best of the season so far. That's not to say it wasn't ridiculously predictable, but it felt more focused than previous episodes this season. Edge makes a great villain. Aliens are fun and all, but Edge is frighteningly realistic. I was a little surprised we didn't get a visit by Cat Graham this episode. During Lena's press conference, the crowd chants, "Lock her up!" The obvious political statement made me think politics would be again broached by Cat, but she never popped up. I don't need Supergirl to get political, but I absolutely love Calista Flockhart in this role, and miss her desperately.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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