Lena Headey puts a price on Dredd's head in ominous new clip

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Dec 17, 2012

Lena Headey is good at playing bad, and as proof the actress took a break from her manipulative role as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones to star in next month's Dredd 3D. Her character is a dark and deadly thorn in Karl Urban's side.

In Dredd 3D, Headey plays a drug lord called Ma Ma. She's a former prostitute who controls a 200-story vertical slum. When she's not laying down the law within its walls, she's doping her tenants with the new drug "Slo-Mo." It's a substance that allows users to experience reality at a fraction of normal speed.

After a serious crime is committed, Judge Dredd (Urban) and his rookie partner Cassandra (Olivia Thirlby) travel to Ma Ma's domain. They don't go unnoticed, and once she discovers their presence she puts out the order: "Somewhere in this block are two judges. I want them dead. Until I get what I want, the block is locked down."

Beware of some coarse language:

Dredd 3D opens in theaters Sept. 21.

(via ComicBookMovie)

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