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Lennie James weighs in on how Morgan would react to Rick’s departure on The Walking Dead

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Aug 15, 2018, 5:16 PM EDT

On this past week's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan (Lennie James) announced his plans to return to Alexandria and reunite with all of his old friends from the flagship show. Maybe Morgan doesn't like this spin-off crew as much, or maybe he just really misses Rick — whatever his reasons are, he's in for a long journey.

The trouble is not so much that there are probably a million walkers between Morgan and Alexandria right now... it's that it will take him quite a while to walk there. By the time Morgan arrives in Alexandria (if he actually goes), it is highly likely that Rick Grimes might be gone, due to the previously announced departure of actor Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead. Morgan wouldn't just be surprised that the lead character of this entire franchise is no longer around— according to Lennie James, he'd be "devastated." 

James recently talked to Comicbook.com about the possibility, saying what he thought Morgan's reaction would be if he returned to a Rick-less Alexandria in the heart of a Rick-less world. As he says, "I think it would be devastating, as it would be for a number of other characters. For a long time now, since the loss of his wife and his son, Morgan, until he made the acquaintance of Carol and Ezekiel and some of the others, until then, Morgan's only proof that he's in the world has been Rick." 

James goes on to say, "The only person who knows him is Rick, and so, in a weird way, wherever Rick is is home. And if he heads back there and Rick isn't there, then I think that very much rocks the foundations of who he is now in this world."

We don't know how (or even exactly when) Rick Grimes will be leaving, but that could have an impact on Morgan's reaction as well. If Rick dies and Morgan shows up to nothing but a wooden cross, yeah, that's harsh. If Rick rides off into the sunset (with his hat, hopefully) screaming about CORRRALLLL and making some last attempt at serenity (good luck), well, that might be something that Morgan could accept. 

Or not. Characters in this franchise aren't winning any awards for their mental health or their stability, so Morgan (again, if he ever goes to Alexandria and/or finds out about Rick) could crack wide open at the loss of, what James calls, his "foundations." Morgan has been through a lot, and Lennie James is a great actor. We don't know if we are prepared to see Morgan come apart like that. 

Whether he will or won't has yet to be determined. Could a (very) last-minute farewell happen between these two, who met in the pilot episode of the flagship show? Possibly, but a "fast travel" button would have to appear on the show's map, and we don't see that happening (though the expected Walking Dead time jump next season could solve those problems). For Morgan's own good, we hope that he stays where he is and makes a less volatile person his new foundation. 

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