Leonard Nimoy reveals Fringe finale secrets, talks Transfomers

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Leonard Nimoy told SCI FI Wire that his upcoming guest shot as William Bell in the season finale of Fox's sci-fi series Fringe sets the stage for Bell—the oft-mentioned, not-yet-seen former partner of Walter Bishop (John Noble)—to become a recurring character next year.

SCI FI Wire spoke to Nimoy by telephone over the weekend about his appearance in "There's More Than One of Everything," the first-season finale of Fringe, which will premiere May 12 on Fox.

Nimoy also addressed rumors that he'll provide the voice of the Fallen in the upcoming sci-fi adventure sequel movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Following are edited excerpts from our exclusive interview with Nimoy.

Nimoy next appears as Spock in Star Trek, which opens May 8. (Spoilers ahead!)

J.J. Abrams, who directed you in Star Trek, phoned and extended the invitation to guest-star on Fringe. Give us the setup of "There's More Than One of Everything."

Nimoy: It's one scene. It's the final scene of the episode, in which I appear with Olivia, with Anna Torv's character. It's very brief, but I think interesting, entertaining and there's enough given in the scene to whet your appetite, that you'll want to see more of this relationship and what it's all about. You'll want to know what it is he has in mind with Olivia, what he wants or needs her for, why he wants to see her, what their past history is about and where they're going together. What are they planning to do? What are his intentions? All of that is yet to come, and I think there's going to be some very interesting storytelling.

So whatever dealings he's had or is going to have with Walter will be a story for another day, for next season?

Nimoy: I'm sure we will learn more about that partnership and what it was all about, what they were trying to accomplish and how they happened to go their separate ways. We know a lot about what happened to Walter, but we don't know very much about William Bell at all. That's yet to be discovered.

You're going to be back for at least two episodes next year. Will they be episodes one and two or spread apart?

Nimoy: I don't know that they'll be chronological, sequential. I really don't know. It will really depend on what the writers have in mind and my availability. And then, if there's more to be done and we're having a good time, we'll do more.

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about you possibly doing a voice for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Can you clarify what's happening or not happening?

Nimoy: I have not been contacted about Transformers 2. I'm hearing some buzz about Michael Bay, who happens to be my wife's cousin. And I did, of course, do a voice for Transformers [as the voice of Galvatron in the animated Transformers: The Movie] many years ago, but I have not been contacted about doing this Transformers movie.

Supposedly they're thinking of you as the voice of The Fallen.

Nimoy: That's what I'm hearing. I'm hearing some buzz about that, but I haven't had a phone call yet from either Michael Bay or my agent. And they certainly know how to reach me. I'm not saying yes or no; I just haven't heard anything.