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Leonardo DiCaprio apparently wants to star in a film about Stan Lee's life

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Sep 11, 2017

Stan Lee is already a movie star in his own way. Go see any Marvel film and you'll get the Stan moment, the moment when "The Man" finally appears onscreen and the whole theater gives a collective chuckle. He's the rare example of a comic book creator who's not just a household name, but also a household face.

With that in mind, we could absolutely see a film about Lee's life someday. "The mind behind the Marvel Universe" looks good on a poster, and there's actually a lot of meaty storytelling to get into. If you're really honest about it, you could delve into the days when Marvel was nearly dead and Lee and Jack Kirby revived it with the invention of the Fantastic Four. You could delve into the emergence of Spider-Man, the feud with Steve Ditko, the feud with Kirby, the jump to Hollywood, the conflicted mindset that made him nearly quit comics. There's a lot to mine there.

And apparently the Stan Lee story has already attracted the interest of a very influential Hollywood icon: Leonardo DiCaprio.

During a panel at Wizard World Nashville over the weekend (according to, which had representatives there), Lee and manager Max Anderson revealed that DiCaprio and Lee are actually neighbors. At one point, an enthusiastic DiCaprio even apparently ran up to Lee's car to let him know how much Marvel means to him.

"He's a big Marvel fan, in his house he has huge posters on his walls, all over, Marvel posters. He's great," Lee said.

Lee then went on to reveal that he and DiCaprio have actually discussed the notion of a Lee biopic, with DiCaprio as the film's star.

"Doing a movie of my life, with him playing me, and I said, 'I'm not sure you're good-looking enough. We'll test you, see how you look, see how it comes out, don't get too excited, we'll let you know,'" Lee said.

Now, you can practically hear the trademark Lee sense of humor coming through that quote. There's a clear element of joking around here, and it's not obvious from the reports how serious Lee was. Perhaps he and DiCaprio have had a real conversation about this and DiCaprio really does want to play him in a film. Or perhaps it was one of those "Hey, you know what would be fun?" moments that Lee just thought it would be fun to mention.

Either way, you can bet someone will take the time in the coming weeks to follow up with Lee about this, so we'll find out soon enough how serious this is.

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