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Credit: Lionsgate/SYFY

Leprechaun Returns: Test your luck with the latest trailer for SYFY's magically delicious horror-comedy

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Nov 14, 2018, 12:19 PM EST (Updated)

It must be our lucky day! The first official trailer for SYFY's horror-comedy Leprechaun Returns has arrived.

Set at the North Dakota farmhouse seen in the 1993 original, the sequel sees the return of the mythical and murderous Irish creature, who wants to recover his pot of gold and kill anyone who gets in his way. Taylor Spreitler (Amityville: The Awakening) plays Lila, the central protagonist and daughter of Tory Reding (Jennifer Aniston) from the first movie. 

Steven Kostanski (director of The Void) helmed the movie, which is the eighth installment in the franchise. Suzanne Keilly (writer on Ash vs Evil Dead) penned the script. 

Watch the trailer below:

Sadly, Warwick Davis (Willow) did not return for the titular role, but it looks like Linden Porco (Channel Zero) will do a more than admirable job as his replacement. And no, we're not holding our breath for a small Stan Lee-esque cameo from Jennifer Aniston (her first major role was in the original Leprechaun), which would be pretty awesome. 

Since 1993, there have been seven sequels to the first movie, each more sillier than the last. So far, the Leprechaun has slaughtered folks in "the Hood" and outer space. 

Here are some teaser posters for the new movie...

 Leprechaun Returns teaser poster

Credit: Lionsgate/SYFY

Leprechaun Returns teaser poster

Credit: Lionsgate/SYFY

Leprechaun Returns will be released by Lionsgate for Digital and On Demand December 11. Those who purchase the movie will be treated to such bonus features as behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with Kostanski. In March 2019, the film will air on SYFY (which co-produced the venture) for its worldwide TV premiere. 

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