Let the Wookiee win and watch this video of a working Star Wars Holochess table

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Nov 13, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

In the history of memorable leisure amusements in sci-fi films, none stands out more than the mesmerizing Holochess table from Star Wars: A New Hope, and C-3PO's suggestion to R2-D2 of letting the wookiee win after learning of the Millennium Falcon co-pilot's penchant for pulling arms out of their sockets when losing.  

In tribute to that amazing astro arcade game, Ian Martin of Dejarik Creations built this fully functional Holochess replica over the course of 11 months, complete with eight hand-sculpted gaming monsters, growling sound effects and a dazzling display of blinking lights and working buttons.

 Check out the video demo below and tell us what strategy you would suggest.

(Via Geekologie)